Cupcake Gallery

Just a friendly piece of advice if you are looking to buy a bunch of our delicious cupcakes...if you know you'll want more than a dozen, PLEASE call or come in to give a FULL days notice [or more] so that you won't be dissapointed. THANKS!!

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1. Red Character
2. Green Character
3. Red/Black Character
4. Blue Character
5. Ice Cream Cupcake
6. Baseball
7. Group Shot
9.Circus Elephant
10.Circus Clowns
11.Circus Monkey
12.Circus Lion
13.Wedding Cupcakes
14.Wedding Cupcakes
15. Baby Shower Cupcakes
16. Dylan Lennox,
One Satisfied Customer
17. Bridal Shower Cupcake Display
18.Baby Shower Cupcake Display
19.Elvis Cupcake Display
20.21st Birthday Cupcake Display
21.Yankee Wedding Cupcake Display
22.Special Event Cupcake Display (for the NY Yankees)
23.Special Event Cupcake Display (for Barbara Scuccimarra Fundraiser)
24.Butterfly Cupcake Display