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 Today's retail storefront Homestyle Desserts had it's origins in the Village of Buchanan, where in 1970 Rose began making apple dumplings in a coal oven at the bake shop called Dutch Mill Donuts. By 1974 she had started a line of cheesecakes. 1975 saw the hiring of Julie who quickly learned both cheesecake baking and donut production. She was by all accounts "an excellent worker." Today Julie is the manager of Homestyle Desserts and our longest standing employee!

In 1984, after a few name changes, larger menu and a mostly wholesale client base, our bakery moved into it's new location in Peekskill, New York. Taking over the old Monument Printers building on South Water Street, a lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into turning the space into a working wholesale bakery with an eye towards adding retail. By 1989 a space was dedicated to the ever budding interest by the public in our products.

James Timmons, apprentice baker As the retail business has grown, so has our storefront. In the year 2000 we renovated a small back building and added our newest retail space where you can expect to find teddy bears, candles and other unique gift items along with all of our tasty treats. Now in 2011, Rose is expanding the retail space to accomodate our growing customer base. You'll find a new case or two and a few extra feet to browse for your special sweet. Theresa Timmons, Homestyle mushmelon

In 2006 Rose's son Jason revolutionized the seasonal treat with his excellent Apple Cider doughnuts which we make during the fall season. Also in 2006 Rose's daughter Laura began adding her own flavor with our new line of cupcakes and delicious cookie recipes. In 2007 Laura has introduced a new collection of cheesecakes and with brother Jason has re-invented the cannoli with our newest treat "Cannoli Chips and Dip." (Scroll down to read the NY Times article on it.) We continue to use new ideas from Jason and Laura that add to our wonderful line of treats; everything from mini cheesecakes to a variety of donuts and our newest cake "Almond Delight" which Rose and Jason developed. Laura's son James seems to be following in the family business. Little sister Theresa is often seen in retail being a delightful help or just an entertaining presence. Can their new baby sister Giana be far behind?Welcome Giana Rose.

Rose Sanca Today we have a thriving and popular business, both wholesale and retail, specializing in viennese desserts, cakes, pies, cheesecakes, wedding cakes, special occasion cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Homestyle Desserts takes great pride in the care and professionalism we extend to both our customers and our wide range of products. All of our delightful and delicious desserts are made from only the finest and freshest ingredients.

Rose and her staff welcome you to come into Homestyle for anything from a danish, to a gift basket, to unique creations made especially for your special occasions.

Below is a collage of some of our family and work from our first 40 years. We fondly remember our many long time friends and customers. Enjoy.